Tree Pruning

We offer a number of pruning options which can enhance your tree or hopefully solve your tree problems. These options include crown reduction for view, light and canopy size management, pruning for view, pruning for safety and edible tree management pruning, crown lifting, crown shaping or thinning, dead wooding and pollarding.
After consulting with one of our qualified arborists your quote will include a detailed description of works to make sure you get your pruning right the first time. This consultation will ensure that the correct method we carry out will either maintain or enhance both the look and health of your tree. We will guide your trees toward a direction of strong and sustainable growth and if required we can also sculpt your trees in order to promote shade or privacy.
Crown reduction and shaping is commonly used if a specimen has outgrown it’s space, this method of pruning creates a natural appearance and increase the time before pruning is needed again. Pollarding is when the tree is defoliated to a stump and then left to regenerate. Crown lifting removes a select number of lower branches in order to lift the canopy’s overall height, this is sometimes done in order for people to be able to walk under the tree, or to let more light in through the lower crown. We encourage that you carry out dead wooding regularly on your trees to promote new growth and safety around the tree. Crown thinning is mainly used on hardwood trees by removing select branches in order to gain more light and improve the specimen’s structure.
Tree Fellas experienced climbing arborists use modern techniques in order to access and carry out work on the selected branches without damaging other limbs or property nearby. We apply advanced rigging techniques with specialised equipment to control the falling limbs one section at a time.
Whilst we take great care and consideration on each job, Tree Fellas offers the piece of mind that we carry Public Liability Insurance up to $10,000,000, should any unforeseen circumstances arise.
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The puriri had a major haircut and the result is we have a nicely shaped tree. The hoop pine was like climbing to the heavens and such an outdoor pursuit! Everything done with efficiency. The arborist crew were thoroughly pleasant to interact with.
Thanks for bringing the road cones to stop cars parking where work was to be done. It helped to secure the safety zone ahead of time. Big thank you! Kia ora.
— Gillian, Epsom, August 2018
Efficient and reliable. Thanks for turning up when you said you would and keeping me informed. it’s the small things that count! Other than my well cut trees it’s hard to know you’ve been there such is the great job your guys do of cleaning up not only mine but the neighbour’s yard too!
— Donna, April 2018.


Tree Removal
One of our specialties. Our qualified, experienced staff can remove your tree (including palms), big or small safely and efficiently.

Stump Grinding
We have a range of stump grinders to rid your property of tree stumps, big and small, or in confined spaces.


Hedge Trimming
With almost four decades of experience we are known as Auckland’s hedge trimming experts.