Branch Chipping

We can provide a branch and wood chipping service. We have medium sized 12 inch chippers and larger 15 inch winch assisted chippers to process most sized piles of clean foliage.  
*It would be advisable to consult with us first before you start cutting though, we often find it may be cheaper for you if we do the cutting ourselves.

Contact us today to arrange for a quote or for some sound advice.

Our little job was done very well and with a good deal of efficiency and cheerfulness. The tree whose damaged branches they were removing was very close to the house and they managed the job without anything crashing into the building. Every item was taken away and the grounds left really clear. Would recommend Tree Fellas. We’ve had a lot of different companies do tree work for over the years and to me this has to be the best company we have dealt with.
— Jill