Stump Grinding

After a tree has been removed the stump that remains can be unsightly and a safety hazard. Stumps can ruin the overall aesthetic of a well presented garden, take up precious space on your lawn, and sometimes, stumps can continue to grow roots. This can lead to damage drainage, lift pathways, driveways, crack concrete and can even lift buildings.

Tree Fellas has a large range of specialist stump grinding equipment to rid your Auckland property of any tree stump. We have small handheld machines for narrow, confined spaces and large machines for bigger stumps and hedgelines.

We are all part of one big team covering the greater Auckland area and can easily coordinate our stump grinding crew to work alongside the tree removers to ensure that all required stump removals happen soon after the tree is felled to minimise disruption.

Additional services

  • Ground restoration - If you need to reinstate the ground after a stump removal we can arrange topsoil, seed, fertiliser or new plants. This service will restore the presentation of your garden quickly.

  • Removal of stump grindings - Please let us know if you would like the stump grindings taken away at the end of a job.

Our Auckland stump grinding team regularly works across the entire region so feel free to contact us today to arrange for a free no-obligation quote or for some advice. 

Quick and Job well done. 2 large Trees removed with stump grinding completed. Cleared up the site leaving it with little evidence of the amount of work done.
— Tyrone, June 2018.
I saw an advertisement on Facebook for Tree Fellas. Oliver came to view the job and quote, he was very detailed and captured all the jobs I needed done. We were very happy with the quote as the trees were huge! His team were able to complete the work over two days and did a fantastic job of the stump grinding, as well as leaving the section and driveway clean and tidy. I would highly recommend their services and will continue to use Tree Fellas for future work. Thanks guys!
— Brad, March 2018.

Other Services

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With almost four decades of experience we are known as Auckland’s hedge trimming experts.

Tree Removal
One of our specialties. Our qualified, experienced staff can remove your tree (including palms), big or small safely and efficiently.

Site / Land Clearing
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