Stump Removal

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Additional services

  • Ground restoration - If you need to reinstate the ground after a stump removal we can arrange topsoil, seed, fertiliser or new plants. This service will restore the presentation of your garden quickly.

  • Removal of stump grindings - Please let us know if you would like the stump grindings taken away at the end of a job.

Our Auckland stump removal team regularly works across the entire region so feel free to contact us today to arrange for a free no-obligation quote or for some advice. 

Wayne Taipari who quoted and the crew who cut the trees were all personable and very professional. We were kept in touch the whole way through the process. We were very impressed with how tidy they left the section and the amazing job they did!
— Mike, Half Moon Bay, August 2018.

Other Services

Hedge Trimming
With almost four decades of experience we are known as Auckland’s hedge trimming experts.

Tree Removal
One of our specialties. Our qualified, experienced staff can remove your tree (including palms), big or small safely and efficiently.

Site / Land Clearing
With a large fleet of machinery, including whole tree chippers, we can tackle any site clearing work effectively and be cost efficient.