Mulch Sales

We work with a local supplier to provide a premium aged mulch. Notes from our supplier: “Possibly the most nutritious mulch available on the market for your garden. A 100% natural mulch which also contains compost and has a carbon component. As your garden gets naturally irrigated, the compost will dissipate into the garden to feed and condition the soil. At the same time, the mulch component sits on top, trapping heat, moisture and suppressing any weeds”.

Costings are $30 + gst per cubic meter with a minimum delivery of two cubic meters. An additional delivery fee ranging from $38 + gst to $120 + gst applies depending on the location of delivery. Please contact us to get your free mulch delivery quote here.

We also provide a FREE ‘fresh arborist’ mulch service to schools and large commercial sites. If you think you may fit this category please contact us today for further information on this.