Mulch Sales

Mulch is used on garden beds and trails in order to reduce the amount of weed growth and retain water in the soil. You can diminish the adverse effects of dried up top soil by adding a decent layer of mulch around your garden beds and prevent roots from drying up around trees. Mulch also enriches the soil and when it decomposes it maintains a great drainage structure. Mulched gardens can withstand drier conditions than unmulched gardens and are much healthier. Mulching your garden about once a year will save you time weeding, watering and reduce some pest problems in your garden. 

We will advise and assess if the mulch from your tree removal is worth keeping for your garden as not all mulch is good for your garden. Anything that contains palm, bamboo, weed species or diseased plants would not be suitable and Tree Fellas would dispose this type of mulch correctly and offsite. In these situations Tree Fellas would be able to provide you with suitable mulch from our supplier.

At Tree Fellas we often end up with an excess of good quality, fresh tree mulch from clients who don’t require it for their own gardens. We currently deliver this mulch FREE to schools and large commercial sites. If you have a large property or site that you’d like our mulch delivered to please get in touch via our contact us page.

Please note: When placing mulch around your trees you should always leave a small gap between the base of the tree and the mulch to avoid rotting the base of the trunk.
We also provide premium aged mulch from a local supplier that is full of beneficial nutrients for your garden.
Pricing - $30 + gst per m3 (minimum delivery of 2 x m3) 
Delivery -  $38 +gst to $120 +gst depending on location.

Possibly the most nutritious mulch available on the market for your garden. A 100% natural mulch which also contains compost and has a carbon component. As your garden gets naturally irrigated, the compost will dissipate into the garden to feed and condition the soil. At the same time, the mulch component sits on top, trapping heat, moisture and suppressing any weeds.
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Tree Removal
One of our specialties. Our qualified, experienced staff can remove your tree (including palms), big or small safely and efficiently.

Stump Grinding
We have a range of stump grinders to rid your property of tree stumps, big and small, or in confined spaces.

Hedge Trimming
With almost four decades of experience we are known as Auckland’s hedge trimming experts.